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  1. How do i add and upload a boot logo on my android10 screen please can you help? Carlife

  2. Provide link

  3. How do I change wallpaper

  4. 我们已经重启了,手机还是接不上蓝牙,显示屏上显示“错误信源”,’ Connection Timed Out’ 己试过三个手机,你知道什么原因吗。

  5. Jack of all Trades February 18, 2021 @ 4:09 pm

    Hello. My bluetooth is not working. Is there a driver for this? Do I need to reset the LCD? I have a NTG4.0 system.

  6. Apk installer still dont make z link to install. i have tried everything to install z link but never works

  7. Hello carlife I have a android10 same as you video my Bluetooth connect to the android10 it stop working I have try two different phones and its not picking up the Bluetooth it say timeout can you help.

  8. Hey i have the same device.. I install zhe zlink and i can open the app but i cant activicate this… BT ist connect with Android 10 and die WiFi is on but doesnt work

  9. Z link 👈 app provide link for apple car plsy

  10. hi . can i have your contact number please to ask you about something.

  11. lol i messed up my unit doing this. now i get an error "Channel Err! CHANNEL-MISS-MATCH! Apk:[zhuoxw]–Z:[]" and the placed i bought it from barely know english , just" buy my friend again. "

    can you help me fix it? i can donate you something for the help

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