Voltage Adapter or Converter? | Understanding the Difference & Determining What You Need

Voltage Adapter or Converter? | Understanding the Difference & Determining What You Need

Packing a hair dryer on your next trip abroad? You might want to watch this video first! We discuss the difference between a voltage adapter and converter, and which might be the right choice for your next international trip. We cover how both work, and why it’s important to understand the distinction.

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Readers Comments (36)

  1. I went to china in 2008 and bought a mini camcorder with me from japan and used a adapter the block part got very hot I think it was way to much power as I was using 240 to 230v and 50hz

  2. Hi, I’m traveling to Pakistan in Asia & I have an iPhone 6. My iPhone charger can convert the voltage as it’s listed on it as 100 – 240 volts. So I would only need to buy an adapter? Do you know which type of adaptor?

  3. finally an answer

  4. Killerspieler0815 February 18, 2021 @ 3:37 pm

    @Trip Astute –
    These adapters are more or less illegal & dangerous: defeated earth , bad connections etc. some are known as "death-dapter" .

  5. I am traveling to pakistan in a month. I need something for my surface pro 6 and my phone. Can u guide on what can I take?

  6. Very clear explanation, thanks a lot.

  7. I bought a cheap appliance online that has a standard US plug but the wrong voltage. They are made in China but shipped from Texas. I can either order a converter online or go to Radio Shack and see if they have one. Thanks for the video.

  8. Does any body knows if is something in the market that can help with appliances that takes too 1000 watts plus

  9. Hi I stay in the UK. I had a US plug(2 pin) and used an adapter(US to UK) for 8 months for my straighteners and it was fine. However the adapter broke ( I dropped it ) and ended using a converter ( US ) and for some reason my straightener overheated and just stopped working. It no longer switches on despite using a new adapter. I don’t know if it’s fried but it doesn’t make sense if it is.. I get it if it fried from using the adapter but not a converter. Please help me 😭

  10. Thank you for the video! I have Norway sewing machine and a bread maker what converter would I need to use? I am living in the US. please provide me with the link. thank you!

  11. Quick question .. have a 100 v Japanese guitar pedal box that want to use in us.. ? Do I want to step down from 120 volt to 100 v so it’s running at 100 v ?

  12. clear, concise and very helpful. thank you!

  13. Thank you so much papi. I am getting annoyed because my I.T professor and his teaching material uses the word converter and adapter synonymously yet wonders why I get confused. I knew something wasn’t adding up. He says power adapter instead of power converter. An Adapter is totally different from a power converter which converts AC/DC power. Ughhhh. The only reason this aggravates me is because it forces me to have to pay close attention to everything he says and be mindful enough to catch any discrepancies that I’ll have to unteach myself and relearn later. I wish you were my I.T professor. I would be such a good student.

  14. Hi. I bought a standard sewing machine online from Poland. I got it and ordered an adapter. It doesn’t work. The sewing machine shows 250v where the plug goes in. Everything we find online goes up to 240v. I don’t know anything about electricity! The machines were $125 each plus shipping from Poland to TX, USA. Any tips? Thank you.

  15. You explained it so well. I just have to read the electric plug to make sure it converts itself to the voltage needed at destination. Thanks a lot. Very useful info. God bless you!

  16. Crazysexycool Lewis February 18, 2021 @ 3:57 pm

    Hi I have an electric pressing comb from the USA but even with the UK adapter plug it doesn’t heat up. What do I need to use in order for it to work or do I need to cut off the head and fit a UK plug instead? Thanks in advance.

  17. Vallal Arasu Pandiyan February 18, 2021 @ 4:02 pm

    For a rice cooker from US 120V – 60Hz – 860 Watts, I wish to use it in India (220v, 50Hz) Can you suggest ?

  18. Dhruva Production February 18, 2021 @ 4:03 pm

    I have Mac pro its not working India power please tell me about

  19. Sweet Hollow Creations February 18, 2021 @ 4:05 pm

    Thank you for the information. I was so confused and this helped out. Blessings.

  20. I bought the zojirushi rice cooker with 120v/1240watt US plug could you please what type off converter I need to use in UK


  21. I managed to ‘darken’ my hotel room in Belgium within the first hour…. plugged my flat iron in with an unqualified adapter… The front desk didn’t look annoyed, or surprised, thank goodness! My hair was in an up-twist the rest of the time!

  22. This was so helpful. I live in Greece and I have a Samsung A5 cellphone. I am travelling to NYC in a few days. I have an adapter… do I need a converter too? The phone is pretty much the only thing I will be using!!
    Thanks in advance for your help!

  23. Sir, please help me! I have a Nintendo 2ds XL from US and I’m from India, the charger is not working does the problem with voltage or the charger is dead?

  24. 240v in uk not 230v

  25. This was extremely helpful and clear. Thank you so much for the information!

  26. I am going to Burma ( Myanmar ), I am not sure what the voltage or what should I buy to use for my cell phone Samsung galaxy s 5, could you please answer?Myanmar is Asia ( South East Asia?? )

  27. I’m going to Japan in a month and have a iPhone 8plus. What do I need? A adapter or a converter to charge my phone? Thanks for the help and have a great day!

  28. Well done

  29. Hi friend ,need a help to use which type of adapter. I used two adapters and two got burnt after 10min use.I bought a grinder from amazon.com which has voltage of 110 v ac, 60 hz and I live in Germany , my plug will have 220v . Please suggest me a good adapter which converts from 220v to 110v

  30. I just bought a hair dryer with a euro plug and it says 50-60hz -1000w. I live in the us what do I need to buy to use it safely. Would this work https://www.ebay.com/itm/50-1600W-220-To-110-Volt-Travel-Power-Voltage-Converter-Transformer-Step-Down/254661381873

  31. I’m going to NZ can I use an adapter to charge my 4k video camera?

  32. I have Philippine used 240V. My "Platinum™ – All-In-One Travel Converter With 2 USB Ports – Black". I have my TV is used 120V. How to 120V change 240V?

  33. I went to the United States of America and I tried to plug my Australian adapter into the wall. So I had to rely on USB ports to charge my phone.

  34. So what’s the difference between a converter, and a transformer?

  35. Good Day!!  I know this video has been out for a few years but, I need to know if my curling iron will work in India.  I know they have 220 volt but still don’t know if the same curling iron that I used in China will work in India.  When plugging my hair curler in while in China, it did not get hot enough to work.  It at least took the frizz out of my hair but no curl.  Any advice??

  36. small piddlin info tanks 4 nortin

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