12 COOL Smart Home Gadgets That Are Worth Buying

12 COOL Smart Home Gadgets That Are Worth Buying

There are plenty of ways you can automate your #house with specialized devices and these #gadgets can be a perfect starting point.
1. Roborock S6 Pure robot vacuum: https://cli.re/RoborockS6Pure_Youfact
#Roborock official website: https://cli.re/Roborock_Youfact
2. Door stop alarm: https://geni.us/WonderWire
3. #Google Nest Hub display: https://store.google.com/us/product/google_nest_hub?hl=en-US
https://geni.us/GoogleNestHub (Amazon Europe)
https://geni.us/18ATrX (alternative – Amazon Echo Show)
4. #Amazon Echo Dot assistant: https://geni.us/EchoDot3rdSpeaker
5. LIFX Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb: https://geni.us/LIFX
6. Whithings sleep tracking pad: https://geni.us/WithingsSleep
7. Smart Blinds: https://geni.us/TILT
8. Smart Wi-Fi Plug Kasa Smart: https://geni.us/KasaSmartTPLink
9. Smart thermostat Lux Geo: https://geni.us/LuxThermostat
10. Air Circulator Honeywell: https://geni.us/HoneywellFan
11. HyperCube Wireless Charging Station: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hypercube-wireless-charging-station-sleep-aid#/
https://geni.us/Unravel (alternative)
12. Quick grip note holder: https://geni.us/GripAStrip

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  1. here also before 900k

  2. this guy is so inspiring👌

  3. big fan of yours

  4. I like how you act like the Gipit is a new technology, even though that is a old technology from the food industry. Any cook over the last 70 yrs could recognise that as a ticket holder, works the exact same way.

  5. 8:15 what you came for

  6. Ide gasss

  7. I wish hyper cube had a Bluetooth speaker and built in Google assistant or Alexa

  8. I like the you shale not pass thing 🤣😂🤣

  9. This guy kinda sounds like Seth Rogen lol

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  11. World Technology February 18, 2021 @ 3:50 pm

    Ive got the robot vacuum in one of my videos coming soon. Keep going man!!

  12. These devices are all very well but not what I need. I want the house robots they were promising us 15 years ago, you know, the ones that could cook, clean the house, run errands, defend your home, THOSE house robots. They said they’d be here in 2020. Well, it’s 2020 and we’re here, we’ve done our part ….

  13. Do you ever do giveaways?

  14. You’ll thank me later


  15. You are so underrated man, i watch so many content like yours and you still find things i never heard of

  16. Talk about Josh.ai in your next video I think those guys are doing an awesome job

  17. hi bro

  18. i have one of those fans (the last product) i will say it is LOUD not at all quiet

  19. Where is the cube thingy in the thumbnail? Did I miss anything or just the clickbait?

  20. 4:47 The info she’s looking at is how much movement and increased weight there was on her side of the bed AFTER she fell asleep last night. Dude in the background knows he’s busted.

  21. Door Stop Alarm @ 1:15 isn’t new, these have been around for a long time. I remember these being part of a "back-to-school dorm room gift idea" pack; I recall one group of customers picking it up and laughing how ridiculous and paranoid someone would have to be to buy it. Must be the same type as those parents that call up and want to sue the university when their precious darling has his/her laptop stolen after leaving it unattended in the lounge.

  22. Bro please show the price too.

  23. How you speak and your word choice is so annoying

  24. 1980

  25. YouFact: "wItHiNgS sLeEp DeTeCtOr"
    *Very clear NOKIA logo* : "Am I a joke to you?"

  26. nest hub max

  27. Whoever wrote the script forgot a few A’s

  28. King

  29. *nest hub*

  30. Love the content man watch all the time. if that’s your real voice you should definitely take up voice acting!

  31. Robot vacuum cleaner hits dog 💩

  32. Captain Falls a Lot ATP, PIC February 18, 2021 @ 4:23 pm

    Roborock, HELL NO, Roomba by iRobot is one that can’t be beat. I have the i7+ and Roomba is totally awesome! Google speakers SUCK! I ripped the power cords from all 3 google speakers and tossed them in the kitchen trash including 2 in their factory sealed box. Lifx app just did an update about 2 months ago, the app is too messy with a whole bunch of clicks (buttons) to change a bulb settings.

  33. why do you guys have so many channels?

  34. 9,99k subs

  35. I only started out looking for nice LED lights

  36. i luv these type of vids

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